Plumber Crack

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We have all been there, staring at a Plumber Crack – the memory refuses to fade away. I mean jeez, would it hurt you that much to pull up your pants just a tad more? Every inch in your body and bones wants to scream, HEY BUDDY YOUR CRACK IS SHOWING! but you never do… At least not till now! It’s finally time for revenge and one thing is certain, this time the Plumber had it coming!

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Plumber Crack is a wacky fun game in which your objective is to throw various items at a plumber and aim for his, you guessed it right, private areas. Sure, tossing things at plumbers butt is really cool, but it doesn’t end up here. You can also dress them up with different costumes, imprint tattoos and completely customize your plumbers. This is done through acquiring points from hitting they right in their cracks or close. You also unlock secret stuff and mark achievements as you go on in the game.

If you’re more of the competitive type, you can compete online and participate in the leaderboards and take on your friends and family. Other than the arcade mode, you also have the Time Challenge mode and the Sharpshooter mode which are a real treat to some game fanatics out there.

The Plumber Crack Game

The Arcade more if really fun, challenging and light. If you’re looking for a fun game without having to break your head over strategy and tactics,┬áPlumber Crack game is nothing short of perfect for you to play and pass the time. Best part about the game? It’s absolutely free of charge, so why not try it?

Are you ready to make a Bullseyes? Let’s see what you’re made of – let’s get this plumbing started!